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Channeling and Enos

I work closely with Enos, a Master Teacher, a Higher vibrational being, in providing personal guidance and information for you.

"I received an Angel Card reading from Michelle. She was able to 'see' and help with a situation that is very emotional for me! Her accuracy, insight and advice for moving forward was very helpful! She helped me see how to begin my own healing! I am grateful for her guidance and compassion. Thank you Michelle!


Tree of life


Enos will address your question on any topic. There is no subject that he considers inappropriate. He feels that if it is important to you than it is important for him to help you with it.

Some Questions or Topics people ask Enos:

  • What is my Spiritual Purpose and am I on the right path?

  • What can I do to help my Spiritual awareness and growth?

  • I  am having problems with a relationship I am in. Can you provided insight for me about it?

  • What is my Life Purpose?

  • I'm confused about many things right now - can you provide some clarity and direction for me?

  • I'm not happy with my job and am seeking deeper information. What other options would be good for me?

  • When and how will I find my soulmate?

  • Regarding my children; What about their future and health and happiness?

  • Why are we here?

  • Will I be relocating?

  • Why are negative things happening to me or my loved ones?

  • How can I deal with "problem" family or relatives?

  • How can I improve certain areas of my life?

  • I would like more insight about my health.

  • Curiosity about Life in the Spirit World.

  • Questions about Planet Earth, The Universe and our environment.

  • Providing information from loved ones who have passed on.

Benefits People have gained from Speaking with Enos:

  • Clarity on Issues

  • Sense of Inner Peace

  • Feeling rejuvenated, hopeful and truly inspired.

  • Clear guidance presented in understandable language.

  • New perspectives about challenging situations.

  • Self-Empowerment

  • Insightful advice about myself and others.

  • Uplifting and life-reaffirming

  • Deeper Wisdom

  • Knowing that they were receiving personal counsel and truth from a Higher Vibrational Being.

  • Sharing in gaining Universal knowledge from the other messages to those in the group.

  • Valuable information for personal and spiritual growth.

  • Understanding about how my actions and emotions stem from The Ego and how to change that.



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